YeeHawwwLogoOnlyWELCOME to YeeHawww's AZ Ghost Town Stage.  A hearty "Howdy" to ya!  Much obliged to ya fer visitin' us here at the Prospector Mall's website in Crown King, AZ.  We are proud to be part of the "PROSPECTOR EXPERIENCE" here at the Mall.

  We're just a hankerin' to take ya on some of our Jeep or ATV tours out to the nearby Ghost Towns and minin' camp ruins.  There's a passel of 'em not too far away.  Most of our tours include a quick Crown King Town Tour to some of the businesses an' historic places right here in Crown King.


Well Pardner, my name's Ol' Willy, an' Ghost Town Tourin's my game.  If yer interested in learnin' more 'bout our tours just click here or on me below an' I'll be yer guide, that is as soon as I git the Giddy-Up in my git-a-long goin'.

 Ol' Willy

Crown King Weather


Partly Cloudy

75 °F
WNW 2 mph

Chance of a Thunderstorm (60 ↔ 77 °F)

Chance of a Thunderstorm (59 ↔ 68 °F)

Chance of a Thunderstorm (63 ↔ 74 °F)

Partly Cloudy (64 ↔ 81 °F)

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