Howdy ag'in Pardner!  I see ya made it over here to my Introduction Page.  Well, my real name is Dick Bartels.  I own YeeHawww, LLC an' AZ Ghost Town Stage. Among other things, I am also a retired ordained Preacher Man an' was a missionary to West Africa.  My wife, Joy, an' I are Crown King an' Sun City, AZ residents. We have been Ghost Town Huntin' 'round this great State since we moved here back in 1990.
As I mentioned, they call me Ol' Willy 'round these parts.  I took th
e name after the Ol' Willys Jeep that was 'round years ago.  They started makin' 'em back 'round '41 an' they kinda became famous durin' World War II.  Roy Rogers an' his wife, Dale Evans, had one of 'em. They called 'er Nellie Belle. Since I was born back when the Willys was so popular an' 'cause I'm plumb loco 'bout 4 wheelin' the name's a purdy good fit, don't ya think?

I know my way 'round this here website purdy well.  I guess that's 'cause I made it all by myself.  I'll be yer guide 'round the site.  So, when ya see me an' want to head off somewhere just click on me and I'll git ya there. 

I'd like to introduce ya to my Pardner.  He goes by the handle of 'Road Runner Rick' when he's bouncin' 'round out on the trail.  I've known him since before he was knee-high to a grasshopper.  I guess that's 'cause he's my first-born son.  Aside from doin' some of our tours, he runs a seperate business here at the Prospector Mall.  He owns the Bradshaw Mountain E-cig (Electronic Cigarette) business an' he personally makes all the high quality eJuices right here in Crown King.

Well Pardner, let's mosey on over to 'nother page so I can tell ya a bit about the tour vehicles.  Just click here or on me below to foller 'long.OlWillyDancing

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