Bradshaw Mountain e-Juice TM is owned by YeeHawww, LLC a small company located in Crown King, AZ.  We specialize in quality electronic cigarette hardware and nicotine juice. Our juices are hand-crafted right here in Crown King using only high, food grade quality ingredients.  Up until now, we have been available exclusively at The Prospector Mall in Crown King.  Due to many requests we are now able to bring our very popular and ever-growing line of juice flavors to the web and make them available to everyone of legal vaping age.

Here at Bradshaw Mountain eJuice we have always prided ourselves with providing clean-tasting flavors and our eJuice products contain no additional colorings or anything that is not needed.  We also use only high quality, food grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and flavoring concentrates.  Our flavoring extracts go through Independent lab testing to make sure they are Diacetyl free.  Due to the fact that we do not add any additional ingredients, our color may vary slightly from batch to batch.

We also use a different process than many places, cooking our juice while mixing it at high speeds. We have found that using this process eliminates the need for steeping and helps stabilize both color and flavor. A bottle of our juice tastes the same when you open it as it does a month later. The color may still change slightly due to the oxidation of the nicotine.

 Our normal recipes use a base mixture of 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin. We mix our own nicotine from pure nicotine to ensure quality control. Our standard nicotine levels are Nicotine free, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg & 24mg. We also accommodate custom orders, adjusting nicotine levels, flavorings or PG/VG levels. We believe our attention to detail as well as our unique cooking processes set us above the rest. Our customers agree and we think you will too.

 Take a minute and browse our flavor list and descriptions.  Feel free to use this website to review our products that you have tried and to make recommendations of flavors you would like to see.  Online ordering is now available with Customer Loyalty Programs, quantity discounts and new flavors coming soon so keep checking back often!

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